Nasim on tour!

Coming week will be very busy for Nasim! Within on week, Nasim will take part in three movie festivals around the world.

Nasim will be in Signes of the Night – Festival in Thailand, Bangkok. Nasim will be screened on Friday 5th at International Competition Short Film – category.

Nasim has been selected to Welsh Carmathen Bay BAFTA-Qualifying Film Festival. Nasim is actually not only selected, but also being nominated for an award for along with four other movies. Category is “Foreign Short Film”. Screening will be on Friday 12th.

Nasim will take part at International Christian Film Festival from 4th– 6th in Orlando, Florida, but will not be screened.

Selection of Nasim!

Some great news! Nasim has been selected to some festivals around the world. First time Nasim was screened 6th of April at International Festival Signes de Nuit, in Urbino, Italy.

Signes de Nuit, 15th years of running, was interested in short films, which “which covers all kind of artistically expressions, and open for esthetical innovation and reflected the perturbing strangeness of the modern world in a complex way”.

More selections will be published later during spring.

Final Call is ready

Our very first short movie Final Call is ready to watch

Final Call was shot in Juni 2015 at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

Thanks to all of you who were working with us!

Link to the movie is found on Filmography and on  Vimeo and Youtube .