Nasim goes to Seinäjoki!

Today will be a special day. Nasim will be screened at SCIFF goes Seinäjoki sub-event along with other 7 movies. Festival will be held at Seinäjoki main library 21.3-24.3.2018.

Festifal will start at 6:00 pm and Nasim has an honor to be the opening movie of festival. Nasim will be screened at 6:30 pm.

SCIFF goes Seinäjoki is part of Seinäjoki City Internation week supply.

EDIT: Nasim had an honor to be selected for a “Honorable Mention” – Award! This was second Award for Nasim.



Nasim achieves first award! Nasim has been selected to Canada Shorts – Canadian & International Short Film Festival and gets AWARD – Honorable Mention.

Canada Shorts 2017 will take place on Saturday Dec 9th in  Mary Oland Theatre of the New Brunswick Museum. It is located in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.

– This is a great surprise and an honor for our team. We are very thankful for this mention. God has open some interesting doors through this small production, director Petri Kankkunen rejoiced.



Nasim has been selected first time to Paris! Festival is Signes de Nuit (FISND). Festival is held 15th time in October 5-15th.

Nasim will be screened today at Maison du Mexique. Nasim has an honor to be the festival opening  movie in short movie competition.

FISND is also a French Premiere for Nasim.

More info:

Affiche festival 2017


Västerås, Bristol and Helsinki!

Autumn is coming – and so are some new festivals. Nasim has been selected to three festivals and it will be screened first time in Scandinavia – and Finland.

Västerås Film Festival 

Festival will be held 16-24.9 in Sweden, Västerås City. Nasim will be screened on Thursday 21st.

– The Bristol Radical Film Festival 13th -15th October

The Bristol Radical Film Festival was founded in 2011 to showcase a different kind of cinema; contemporary and historical works of formally innovate, risk-taking or overtly political left-wing documentary and fiction filmmaking. Nasim will be screened on Saturday 14th.

– Scandinavian International Film Festival (SCIFF)

First time in Finland! Nasim will be part of SCIFF, which is held in Helsinki. Festvfal dates are 25th – 28th October. SCIFF’s objective is to highlight today’s conflicts such as racism, radicalism and human crises issues to the Scandinavian and European audience.

– Since almost everyone of our team are from Helsinki, its an honor and great pleasure to be selected to our home town, director Petri Kankkunen commented.

Nasim goes to Philippines!

Nasim has been selected to Short + Sweet Festival in Philippines. Festival will be held in Manila, starting for 1st  of July to 24th July.

The winning film from Manila will be part of Stella Adler Academy Short+Sweet Hollywood International Gala at the historic Eqyptian Theather at 24th  of August.

More info about Short + Sweet Festivals here.

Update of Nasim

Nasim was selected to several festivals during May

Nasim will take part in One Shot festivals. Founded in 2003, Festival will be held in Yerevan, capital of Armenia from 2nd-6th of Juni. Nasim will be screened on Friday 2nd. Category is Film without Limits; with a theme of “human rights”.

Nasim was selected to Tokyo Lift-Off Online – Film festifal (8-14th May). Nasim did not manage to make it in to actual festival, but got a chance via Net. Lift-Off festivals are mainly intended for young filmmakers for a stepping stone forward.

Nasim was selected to CineFest Los Angeles. CineFest is a monthly festival with couple of different categories. Nasim was able to reach “semi final”, but was not selected for “Finalist”.

Nasim was “Finalist” in Carmathen Bay Festival, but did not win an award.