Nasim trailer

Shot in 2016 in Helsinki.

Short Movie Final Call (2015)

Our first practice movie from summer 2015. Shot at Helsinki-Vantaa...

Nasim (2016)

Nasim is a short movie about western culture and refugees. Nasim asks how we are, why we act like this. Is there any hope left?

* Director: Petri Kankkunen

* Screenplay: Petri Kankkunen

* Leading Actors: Jari Järveläinen, Ahmed Qays

* Footage: 8:04

* Language: Finnish, English (credits)

* Published: 2016

* Production: Plogus Production


 Canada Shorts – Canadian & International Short Film Festival 2017, AWARD – Honorable Mention (Saint John, Canada)

 Scandinavian International Film Festival Sub- Event 2018: AWARD – Honorable Mention (Seinäjoki, Finland)


 Carmathen Bay Film Festival 2017, Nominee “Best Foreing Short”, BAFTA Qualifying (Llanelli, Wales)


  Festival Internazionale Segni della Notte 2017, Official Selection (Urbino, Italy)

 International Christian Film Festival 2017, Official Selection (Orlando, Florida)

  International Festival Signs of the Night 2017, Official Selection (Bangkok, Thailand)

 Los Angeles CineFest 2017, Semi-Finalist

 Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival Online 2017, Official Selection

 “One Shot” Film Festival 2017, Official Selection (Yerevan, Armenia)

  Short + Sweet Film Festival Manila 2017, Official Selection (Philippines)

  Västerås Filmfestival 2017,  Official Selection (Sweden)

  Bristol Radical Film Festival 2017, Official Selection (England)

  Scandinavian International Film Festival 2017, Official Selection (Helsinki, Finland)

  Festival International Signes de Nuit 2017, Official Selection (Paris)

 Internacional Festival Signos de la Noite 2017, Official Selection (Lisbon, Portugal)

Final Call (2015) (practice movie)

Mikko is waiting for a plane. He meets a gorgeous Laura. Soon Mikko notices that he has a mission to do…

* Director: Petri Kankkunen

* Screenplay: Petri Kankkunen

* Leading Actors: Lauri Kansikas, Johanna Skyttä

* Footage: 4:03

* Language: English (+ credits), French

* Published: 2015

* Production: Plogus Production